Medicare News

02 Jun
Free Classes for Seniors

Free Educational and Exercise Classes for Seniors

Gina Downs with Senior Connection appeared on the Midday with Mike television show to discuss some upcoming free seminars, an exercise class and Social Security! Host Mike Blake: We are here with Gina Downs Vice president with Senior Connection. You’ve got something called a chair exercise class as part of a seminar? Neat idea, when […]

01 May
medicare advantage

What is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage or “Part C” plans are Medicare benefits offered through private companies who have been approved by Medicare.  These are the private insurance companies that are contracted annually with Medicare to provide the benefits to you.  You are still paying your Part B Premium but Medicare is not directly providing your coverage. The Medicare […]

27 Apr
when should I enroll in Medicare?

When Should I Enroll in Medicare?

When Should I Enroll in Medicare? Laura Kirtley:  Many workers near retirement have decided or have to make a decision if it makes financial sense to go and work past the age of 65 and Gina Downs joins us from Senior Connection to talk about what that means in terms of Medicare and who should […]