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When Should I Enroll in Medicare?

The Medicare enrollment question can be scary because no one wants to miss a deadline or forget to enroll.

Watch as Gina Downs explains when you should enroll in Medicare and what to watch out for during your enrollment period. You enrollment choices may be different if you are still working so talk to an expert about your situation to make sure you know your options and understand when you should enroll in Medicare.


It is critical to review Medicare plans each year so that you are aware of any changes and to verify that the Medicare plan you have is still the best fit for you. Be sure to touch base with your Medicare professional to make sure you still have the best plan available.


Many seniors are confused about whether Medicare covers an annual physical and what the difference is between a physical and a wellness exam. Watch as Gina Downs from Senior Connection clears up the confusion about what Medicare covers and how you can ensure you are getting the most from your Medicare plan.


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