Long Term Care

Long Term Care Insurance

long-termUnfortunately for many of us, at some point in our lives we will require some type of home health care or custodial care in a nursing facility. Without the proper protection, these expenses can be detrimental to our savings and assets. Long term care insurance gives you the ability to protect the assets you’ve worked so hard to build.

There are multiple types of policies and plan structures to help you personalize your coverage to meet your needs. Whether it is a Traditional Long Term Care plan, a Partnership plan or Combination policy that combines life insurance and long term care.

The Combination plan has been gaining popularity over the years because one way or another, benefits will be received. A typical structure of this plan is a life insurance policy with a long term care rider. This gives you the ability to receive benefits toward costs associated with long term care or provide money to your beneficiary in the event of your passing.